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Bus and Coach Wi-Fi Solutions for Your Fleet

Bus and Coach Wi-Fi Solutions for Your Fleet

To give your passengers a perfect trip, one of the things that you need on board is internet connectivity. People want to stay connected while on the move so that they can work, be entertained, or enjoy social media among other things. Likewise, buses and coaches rely on internet connectivity to transmit tracking and surveillance data as well as reports.

That said, installing 4G cellular internet in your fleet of buses is no longer optional. Fortunately, there are numerous experts who are willing to talk you through this technology and install the best solution for you. But before you engage any, there are numerous things to know. Read on to learn more.

Choosing an Internet Service Provider

Before anything else, it is worth noting that Wi-Fi for buses relies on cellular carriers. The majority offer internet connectivity through the sale of data bundles, but buses and coaches require unlimited data access. Hence, speak with service providers in your area to determine who is the best for providing smooth connectivity all throughout your passenger routes.

Studies show that a 4G internet provider with at least 10 MBPS is convenient enough to keep all passengers connected. If you are in a position to get more, this is even better.

Choosing the Best Equipment Provider

In addition to finding the best service provider, your fleet of coaches and buses must be installed with state-of-the-art devices. These include routers, cables, and receivers. Probably, this is not your field, and you will want to hire appropriately skilled solution providers. The Eyeride website is your best starting point since they have an entire bus Wi-Fi package waiting for you.

When choosing the routers, which are very crucial, select a high-end 128-user class VI or better system. With a little bit more research, you will definitely find the best.

Installation of Bus and Coach Wi-Fi Systems

More often than not, professionals who offer these solutions also complete the installations. They assess your current needs including the number of potentials users, installed devices such as bus tablets, and other factors to decide on the best installation process. Ensure that you have an appropriate router that will not only accommodate all users but also safeguard their privacy and security.

Proper cabling plays a role in the speed of connectivity. Most solution providers promise to set up a lossless connection, but one must ensure that this is the case. As such, you might need to test the bus Wi-Fi before making the last payment to the solution provider.


Passengers want a smooth internet connection at all times. Hence, choose a service provider that assures 24/7 support. It is best to pick one that is commonly used by other fleet companies in your area or one you have already used before. It is recommended to ask for training for the bus drivers on how to troubleshoot minor Wi-Fi connectivity challenges. This will avoid a lot of inconvenience for passengers.

The Takeaway

It is very easy to have the best bus and coach Wi-Fi for your fleet. As you can see, the secret is in choosing the best service providers and buying high-quality equipment. If any of the devices are using software, check if there are frequent updates necessary for smooth connectivity.


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