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A normal mouse is a normal mouse but a gaming mouse- it is an extension of your hand. A conduit, a medium, allowing you to give vent to your talent. The difference between them “dear reader” is that you hold the former, while the latter- “it holds you”.

what’s disappointing is that people still think that gaming mouse is nothing but a gimmick, a fancy item to show off your friends well that’s actually not true.

A gaming mouse has various attributes that make it different from a low-end desktop mouse which helps in improving gaming experience like user selectable DPI range, macro keys are just to name a few, 

which makes them not different but better than your regular desktop mouse. This is also a reason why these little critters are expensive than normal mouse.

A low-end desktop mouse-like LogitechM90 (Rs300) has fixed DPI (dots per inch) of 1000, while a medium-end gaming mouse like Logitech G402 (Rs 2500) has a user-selectable DPI range of 200-4000. The optical sensors are of higher technology hence higher cost. Still, you can buy the best gaming mouse under Rs 1500.


  • User-selectable DPI rate- It is a measurement of how sensitive your mouse is. A higher DPI mouse detects and reacts to the smaller movements your mouse makes, the DPI setting is fixed in almost all low-end mouse but gaming mouse provides a user-selectable DPI rate so the player can adjust the setting according to his/her needs. 
  • Macro Keys- these are the extra keys offered by a gaming mouse which enables the user to allot various-in game functions to these keys like gun-reload, melee interact, etc.
  • Multi-Key Toggle- It enables faster, quicker, and multiple actions during gaming sessions.
  • Comfort- it is a major factor to take into account while gaming because if you are not comfortable with your mouse then you won’t be able to

move your player while gaming which of course affects directly to the gameplay. Therefore gaming mice are specially designed to give the comfort that a player needs while gaming.

Some different types of gaming mouse :

  1. Shooter mice- for fast and basic movements also the most common type of gaming mouse out there suitable for first-person and third-person shooting games. These are the best gaming mouse for Fortnite, Call Of Duty, etc. 
  2. MMO mice- These are built with a crazy 12 button grid just for the thumb. Excellent for games that benefit from custom-bound skills on unit groups. Games like the Witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption falls under this category. 
  3. Hybrid mice- A jack of all trades is a perfect definition for this type of mouse as it is built to give more flexibility to the players and suitable for almost all types of games. In the end, if you consider all the important factors it should be easy for you to find the right one for yourself. 


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