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Handy Shares|How to Re-Grow Your Hair Naturally

Handy Shares|How to Re-Grow Your Hair Naturally


Hair is your natural accessory that accentuates your look. According to Handy, a lot of people suffer from the problem of hair loss with age or due to other factors. Cosmetic solutions that are available in the market are too expensive. Before you go that route, it is important that you look at the natural and inexpensive ways of re-growing your hair:

The Options

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been the staple for skincare and hair care for a long time. It conditions your hair and soothes the scalp and has been used in various products that are recommended for treating hair loss. It also works well to clear out the excess oil that blocks your hair follicles and can bring down dandruff by a great margin. You can either use shampoo and conditioner that have extracts of this plant or use it in its pure gel form and apply it on your scalp a few times every week. 

2. Viviscal

If you have thinning hair, Viviscal is a hair-growth supplement that is all-natural and promotes healthy hair growth. It contains AminoMar C, a marine complex. Viviscal is also made out of vitamins, minerals, and mollusk powder. These ingredients together strengthen the good hair cells and regenerate new ones. To see visible and quantifiable results you need to take the pills for 6 months, twice a day. 

3. Coconut Oil

One of the major reasons for hair loss is the loss of protein from hair follicles. Coconut oil has fatty acids that help to prevent that by penetrating into the hair shaft. It doesn’t matter if you use it before you wash your hair, or after. It works either way. Massage it thoroughly over your scalp and along the hair to increase the shine and health of your hair. Even though more research is required into the effects of coconut oil on hair growth, it has been used for centuries for its positive effects on hair. 

4. Massage

The most underrated and probably the most inexpensive way to promote hair growth is a good old massage. You can also massage your hair along with masks and oils to stimulate it and increase hair thickness. Moreover, a thorough massage each day also helps you to relieve the accumulated tension and stress built up on a busy day. It is also believed that stretching forces exerted on the scalp during a massage promotes hair growth. 

5. Rosemary Oil

This is the go-to essential oil people use to deal with hair loss and encourage hair growth. Take a carrier oil of your choice and mix in a few drops of the rosemary oil. Massage it on your scalp and your hair before rinsing it off.


Handy believes that you should try these natural ways of re-growing your hair since they don’t usually come with side effects and are budget-friendly methods as well. Apart from the above natural ingredients, you can also try out lemon or ginseng oil for re-growing your hair.

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