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Instagram Tips For Retailers

Instagram Tips For Retailers

Instagram is fast becoming a tool to reach out to a wider audience. But, then in many cases, the Instagram presence of a particular company or a brand is a little unassuming. Mentioned below are some of the ways how you can make your Instagram account more engaging and appealing:

  1. Power Of Effective Videos– Visual images lead to maximum impact. You need not be a professional videographer. Just come with a good idea and make a video that tracks your progress or the kind of work that you do. Instagram has built-in analytics to help figure out which are the best videos for maximum engagement. Use your knowledge and build up your own formula for success.
  2. Create Maximum User Engagement– User Engagement is the key to success in social media scenarios. Make sure that the products that you sell are highlighted properly. Visual merchandising is an art and do your homework right prior to posting anything. Set up the right displays so that customers get what you want fast and clear. A lot of companies buy likes to enlarge the reach of their posts.
  3. Hashtags And Location Tags Are A Must– Instagram was built for creating connections. Right connections can only be built if the customer knows how to reach out to you. Hashtags and Location Tags are a must in the Instagram game as they help the customers to reach out to your retail brand in an easier and effective way. Hashtags are wonderful as they make everyone a potential customer.
  4. Do Not Post the Same Thing Again and Again– Posting, again and again, can actually backfire. So, it is vital that you follow a plan and then go about it. For instance, if your account has less than 10,000 followers, just post once in a day otherwise people will get bored and will delete your account.  Only in case, the conversion rate is more than 35% should a retailer post the second time in a day.
  5. Add Swipe up to buy feature– You can add ‘Swipe Up to Buy Feature’ on the product posts that you make. This will create a link to the page where the products can be bought and consequently it will be added to the subscriber’s list. This is a wonderful way how a retailer can use Instagram to boost sales and revenues. In order to get followers on Instagram, retailers need to be engaging and innovative at the same time.

So, these are some of the ways how you retailers can use Instagram to boost their business in the right direction.  For a visual platform like Instagram, it is vital to have a brilliant sense of design, and the ability to build impressive stand-alone posts. Then only it will work wonders for your business.  Keep trying what works best for your audience and come up with a plan of action accordingly. Use these tips and tricks for your retail business and make the most of your Instagram handle.


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