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Must Watch Movies for all the Cat People Out There

Must Watch Movies for all the Cat People Out There

Cats are great companions to have. The purring sound these cuddly creatures make takes the stress away in minutes. The furry hugs you get each day, not to forget the good morning licks as they saunter in to your room, on your bed and right in front of your face demanding breakfast, is the reason life seems so beautiful. If you love them as we do, you’re sure to want more of them. So, here are some movies for you to watch and entertain yourself with. 

Alice in Wonderland

The first on our list is Alice in Wonderland. Whether you’re watching Disney’s animated version or the live-action version, the Cheshire Cat will forever hold your attention. A clever balance of mischief and innocence makes this cat a great character to watch out for. Based on the C.S. Lewis books, this cat has earned a huge, loyal fan base, spanning generations. The movies feature a number of mad characters like the March Hare, the hookah-smoking caterpillar, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, Red Queen but even surrounded by them all, this Cheshire Cat manages to hold its own. 

The Aristocats (1970)

Disney’s animated hit, The Aristocats, is a musical about a well-bred Duchess’s three kittens. After being dumped in the countryside by the evil butler, these spoiled felines are lost on how to get back home until they meet cool cat Thomas O’Malley who leads them back to Paris. Along the way they have adventures, and you see these masterfully rendered cats jam to jazz music. The grace and elegance is artfully captured in this film and the beautiful music blends in perfectly. A great watch for sure! 

Puss in Boots 

This animated movie is a more recent production and it does a great job in following the adventures of Puss in Boots. The voice for Puss is lent by Antonio Banderas who does a great job in bringing the character to life. Puss, first appeared in old English fairytale from whence it become a popular character, much adored by all who came across it. Then again, that is the common reaction people have to most cats anyway so it’s not surprising. What is surprising though is that this movie was never really in the plans but soon after Puss in Boots’ first appeared in Shrek it had its own following, demanding a standalone movie. A demand that was soon fulfilled.

A Street Cat Named Bob (2016)

All you need is a friend to make you fall back in love with life. Based on a true story, this movie revolves around James Bowen, a homeless heroin addict whose friendship with a furry little ginger helps him find love and redemption. 

The cat, Bob, chooses James as his human and rides on his shoulders as he works on the street selling The Big Issue. When the adored feline is injured in a fight, James cares for him and ensures he’s well fed and cared for. He’s already on the road to recovery, but it’s the death of his friend from overdose that finally pushes him to get clean. Throughout this process his companion is there ever patient and watchful.

Kedi (2016) 

This one is a documentary, but what a documentary it is! Sublimely shot, this production focuses on the life of thousands of street cats in Istanbul and the humans with whom they share the space, who seek them out for company and care for them without impinging on their freedom.

The documentary skilfully intertwines the stories of several felines, the space they occupy and the how they survive. As you watch, you’ll find how the other citizens of the city live, for they are as much a part of it as any human. Unfortunately though, it is under threat by urban redevelopment. 

Some Guest Appearances

Cats have become so intertwined with our lives that you’ll often see them in movies that are not even about the cats. These cuddly balls of fur have the uncanny ability to melt the hearts of even the meanest and baddest people of them all. In fact, you will often find them as their companions. After all, if you want to take over the world, you need the perfect partner. Some of the most famous movies with their guest appearance include James Bond whose villain BloFeld is shown in the presence of a cat to accentuate his character. And, how can we forget the iconic scene in Godfather where a little tiger rests in Don Carleone’s lap! 

Final Words

Here you go, this dose of cat movies is good for a month. If you have a Spectrum Silver plan, you’ll have no problem finding these great films. Check out the on demand libraries which are sure to have them stocked waiting for you to view at your convenience. So, now you know what you’re doing this weekend. As you watch, make sure to get your feline friends to watch along, they’re sure to be entertained as well! 


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