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Tactics That Help to Get Free Views On YouTube

Tactics That Help to Get Free Views On YouTube

Did you know more than 1 billion people watch YouTube videos on the app every day? But here is the real surprise, 62% of the businesses or the brands use YouTube as a channel to promote their products or post any promotional video content. Thus, when used effectively, YouTube is an extremely powerful tool that can help to boost your sales and increase your Ad Revenue.

Let us assume that you have made a video that has all the set rules and you have published it. That’s amazing. All you have to do is to wait for the views to come. However, are there any tactics to help you to get those free views on YouTube? You can always buy real YouTube views for better performance. However, here are some tactics to follow that can help get free views on YouTube.

Create engaging content

The first step to always win more views is to make content that everyone engages with. It will not matter how many views you have built if the content quality is not good. Create videos that people will search for sure and you can identify this by going through the comment section of many YouTube videos. It creates better and greater views.

Ask your viewers to subscribe as they view your content

When someone subscribes to your channel, every time you post a new video, it appears on their feed and they will get notified when you post something new. This is one of the reasons why you can get more views on YouTube. The viewers can encourage the content you make and ask their friends and family to follow you too. This way you get more views and the best practice is to ask for subscribing to your channel at the beginning and end of the video.

Make Sure that you are embedding the videos

If you want the viewers to share this video to another website, you can only do it by embedding your videos. You can allow the views to increase this way because once they are shared with a larger audience, then you will get more views and hence, more revenue.

Do not forget to promote your videos on other social channels

It is always important to share your video as much as you like to get views. If you have a good set of followers on other social media channels like Instagram, make sure to share it every time you post a new video. This way, you are encouraging and inviting more views for your video.


Hence, you can try all these tactics and if not, you can buy real YouTube subscribers from genuine sellers. You can also try email marketing. It is a powerhouse when it comes to getting more views and that means more sales conversion. Try and cross-promote your video so that you can get more videos. Also, create playlists of your videos for a structured viewing across your channel. Always remember, YouTube likes quality and hence the better your videos are, the more time people will spend viewing them.


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