What Can Happen to Your Body If You Start Eating an Avocado a Day for 30 Days

1. Your kidneys might work more efficiently.

Avocados are rich in potassium, so if you have some kind of kidney problem, you might want to include this fruit in your diet. Studies have proven that eating avocados regularly is a healthy way to improve kidney function.

2. Your breath can get fresher.

If you’re looking for a natural mouth refresher, it’s time to think about avocados. They boast high antibacterial activity, and eating one a day can remove bacteria from your mouth and clean it.

3. It can boost your immune system.

If you catch colds more often than you’d like, maybe your immune system is asking for more attention. Luckily, it has been reported that some avocado components can strengthen the immune system and suppress viruses and other infections.

4. Your liver might function more efficiently.

The liver regulates most chemical levels in our blood, and it’s very important to keep it healthy and working properly. And it’s been reported that eating avocados can help reduce liver damage, so adding this fruit to your diet is a good choice.


5. You can get extra protection from cancer.

Although we know that a healthy and well-balanced diet can prevent some types of cancer, the avocado can be seen as a wildcard for anyone. It has cytotoxic properties, which means that avocados can kill carcinogenic cells and prevent this disease from growing.

9. It can make your skin glow.

You can eat it or apply it directly to the skin. It doesn’t matter how you use avocados for their derma benefits — this fruit is highly recommended for skin health. Their carotenoids properties can help in ultraviolet ray protection, leading to a more youthful and glowing face and body.

10. It can help relieve symptoms of arthritis.

People who suffer from arthritis often have to deal with joint pain, but eating avocados can help them with this. The fruit has antioxidant and analgesic properties that can lead to a pain-free life.

11. It can boost your concentration.

If you feel like you’re having trouble concentrating or focusing on your tasks, instead of downing a big cup of coffee, try eating an avocado. It has been proven that people who eat avocados experience positive brain and cognitive results.

12. Your cholesterol and triglyceride levels might decrease.

“An avocado a day may keep cholesterol at bay,” experts at Harvard University claim. It has a high amount of fiber, monounsaturated fats, and plant sterols, leading to a decrease in harmful cholesterol levels.